Urban Choreography

Beyond the static realm of brick and mortar, Eskisehir Reborn emerges as a theoretical praxis, a dynamic laboratory for interrogating the liminal spaces at the urban periphery. It transcends the mere assemblage of structures, transforming into a performative landscape, a choreographed interplay of ecology and social interaction. Here, the hegemony of density is not vanquished, but challenged and reconfigured, yielding a tapestry of urban experiences woven from expansive green expanses and carefully modulated built form. This project becomes a crucible for experimentation, a platform for rethinking the relationship between the city and nature, humans and the environment. The Porsuk River ceases to be a static backdrop, instead weaving itself into the narrative, its fluidity echoing within the design’s intricate choreography. The “Spanish Steps” descend not just in meters, but in conceptual layers, blurring the lines between urban and river, transforming passive observation into active engagement. The very act of descent becomes a performative ritual, a pilgrimage towards the river’s embrace. At the heart of this choreography lies a profound interrogation of density. The urban fabric loosens, exhaling into expansive green lungs that offer respite and recreation. These verdant expanses are not mere ornamental appendages, but active catalysts for social interaction. They weave a labyrinth of pathways, inviting chance encounters and fostering impromptu connections. The very act of navigating these green arteries becomes a performative engagement with the city, a dance of discovery and connection. Eskisehir Reborn is not content with mere sustainability; it aspires to ecological symbiosis. The design embraces the river’s rhythms, mimicking its natural filtration processes through engineered wetlands and bioswales. The built form integrates seamlessly with the landscape, incorporating green roofs and vertical gardens that blur the boundaries between structure and nature. This symbiosis extends beyond the physical, fostering a sense of ecological citizenship among residents, and weaving environmental stewardship into the very fabric of the project.

Figure 1. Project model

Figure 2. Design area

Figure 3. Design area      *click on the image for other images.