The Dorm

Emerging from a critical interrogation of traditional dormitory models, this project reimagines campus living at Eskişehir Technical University through a confluence of user-centered design and spatial phe - nomenology. Drawing upon student questionnaires as empirical data, it disrupts the static dormitory typology and reconfigures the self-contained site as a catalyst for social interaction and belonging. Rather than reinforcing hierarchical divisions of public and private, the design employs a porous glass atrium and dynamic facade as membranes of permeability, fostering a continuous dialogue between individual and collective experience. Lush landscaping, strategically integrated within the built environment, acts as a living tapestry, inviting both energetic exploration and introspective solitude, further deepening the student-environment nexus. Amphitheater and courtyard spaces rise as pulsating nodes of connection, where diverse identities converge and forge new narratives, enriching the academic ecosystem. At the core of this design lies a commitment to dynamism and customization, empowering residents to reclaim agency over their living experience and sculpt spaces that nurture profound connections within a tapestry of diverse aspirations. From the vibrant ground floor, a nexus of exchange and engagement, to the personalized hallways transformed into micro-communities, every element is crafted to orchestrate encounters and cultivate a profound sense of belonging within this microcosm of student life.

Figure 1. Project model

Figure 2. Sketches

Figure 3. Site plan

Figure 4. Architectural object

Figure 5. Egyptian representation of the fourth and fifth floor

Figure 6. The building

Figure 7. The landscape  *click on the image for other functions.

Figure 8. The facade