Sculptural Side Table

This project invites you to consider an object not merely as a side table, but as a portal to a deeper understanding of material, nature, and our place within the intricate tapestry of existence. Through the lens of Object-Oriented Ontology, the project explores the inherent vibrancy of wood, where imperfections become the language of its story. Knots, cracks, and color variations are not blemishes, but rather whispers of the forest, etching a narrative of time, growth, and resilience. This sculptural side table transcends its function, becoming a tangible manifestation of a philosophy that challenges traditional notions of design. It embraces the autonomy of the object, its unique history and agency independent of human intention. The wood pulsates with an energy that transcends mere materiality, inviting us to connect with its inherent vitality and engage in a dialogue that extends beyond utility. Sculptural Side Table seeks to spark a conversation about the profound influence that seemingly ordinary objects can have on our lives. It challenges us to reconsider our relationship with the material world, encouraging us to embrace the inherent stories and vibrancy that resides within each object. As the side table accumulates scratches and dents over time, these marks become markers of its lived experience, a testament to its dynamic interaction with the world around it.

Figure 1. Perspective view

Figure 2. Side view

Figure 2. Exploded axonometric view